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List of World of Warcraft articles about the vanilla experience and Kronos

  1. Introduction 
    1. How to connect on Kronos when issues arise 
    2. What advices would you tell to a player starting on a vanilla server?
    3. A World of Warcraft Vanilla journey
    4. A story that begins at the end 
    5. Addons on vanilla WoW
    6. The sense of community on Kronos at low levels
    7. Extended leave and thanks 
    8. History of Kronos Feb-June 2016 
    9. Selling my level 60 hunter for Twinstar stars 
    10. What you can do when Kronos is down to support it
    11. 2nd time leaving the server and giving out my account
    12. Update - 28.07.2016 
    13. 13 August 2016 - Kronos WoW opens the Ahn'Qiraj gates
  2. General thoughts
    1. Vanilla socialization & social recognition
    2. Personal thought progression about private servers
    3. Are vanilla wow servers getting more bug-free?
    4. Reasons to login and goal making
    5. Emotional attachment to vanilla characters
    6. Increasing the Kronos population 
    7. Idea : Rent a tank 
    8. Increasing the Kronos population, announcement idea 
    9. On judging servers with an open mind
    10. How many players was there on a Classic WoW server? 
    11. Kronos Survey 13th January 2017
    12. Thinking about Kronos unknown long-term future
    13. The Kronos Scourge Invasion (Oct 2017)
  3. Research
    1. Short experiment : Do players level 6-15 know about the world channel? 
    2. Where to find vanilla world of warcraft players 
    3. How long does it take to do a vanilla dungeon?
    4. List of video sources from retail for vanilla wow dungeons, bosses and raids [Main page]
    5. Short experiment : Do players come on the Kronos forums? 
    6. Satisfaction questionnaire, state on the 20th Feb 2016 
    7. What players on the Kronos private World of Warcraft server think of their experiences so far : A survey of a 100 quasi-randomly selected players
    8. How many of 75 quasi-randomly selected players in April are still active in September?
    9. Selecting a private server : Towards common quality criteria 
    10. Brief experiment, 50 silver for participation in a survey versus nothing 
    11. Replication 1 : Brief experiment, 50 silver for participation in a survey versus nothing  
    12. Close replication 1 : Brief experiment, chance to get 50 gold for participating in a survey versus nothing
  4. Other servers
    1. Trying out Nostalrius
  5. The chinese players
    1. A welcome message for chinese players on Kronos
    2. The chinese world channel on Kronos, a 20 minutes sample 
    3. How many chinese/asians are there on Kronos? 
    4. Meeting the chinese classic World of Warcraft players 
    5. Basic chinese for World of Warcraft 
    6. Running some chinese talking players through a low-level dungeon
    7. How many chinese players talk english? A 100 player sample
    8. BasicTranslator a tool (addon) to communicate between languages [WIP]
    9. Asian players play times over the day 
  6. Raiding
    1. Raid preparation in vanilla
    2. 8th november 2015 - The end of a tier – Will Nefarian fall? (part 1)
    3. 8th november 2015 - The end of a tier – Reaching Nefarian (part 2)
    4. 8th november 2015 - The end of a tier – Facing Nefarian (part 3)
    5. 8th november 2015 - The end of a tier - Facing Nefarian (part 4, finale)
    6. Zul'Gurub, 7 days before release First Zul'gurub night 14/15th december 2015
    7. Zul'gurub 2nd night, 6 days after release (first part)
    8. How I found my raiding guild
  7. PvP
    1. Would the Kronos raiders do more PvP?
    2. Infinite Alterac Valley 
    3. Kronos world PvP status 
  8. Random Kronos player interviews
    1. Tekai : lvl 60 undead warlock
    2. Jakeltank : lvl 45 orc warrior  
    3. Cruelfate : lvl 50 undead rogue
    4. Gorthaur : lvl 22 undead warlock
    5. Novaskin : lvl 33 tauren hunter
    6. Anonymous* : lvl 20+ druid
    7. Pussochkram : lvl 33 undead female mage
    8. 1 month after the last interview, what has happened to them?
    9. How I make my interviews
  9. Comics and drawings
    1. What are the Kronos wow comics?
    2. Moving the comics to Comicfury, a dedicated host!
    3. New comic, unrelated to Kronos, about the health and social sciences... and cookies!
  10. Other vanilla blogs
    1. Shintar, a priest/paladin leveling on Kronos and rediscovering the magic of the Vanilla world. She goes into a lot of details about the quests she does and adds her personal thoughts and memories in-between, charming!  
  11. Miscellaneous
    1. Zul'farrak goldfarming 75-150g / hour
    2. Farming spots on vanilla servers 

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