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Would the Kronos raiders do more PvP?

Many Kronos players complain about a lack of PvP and battlegrounds. Some say the problem is premades (groups of highly ranked and well equiped players queuing together for PvP), others say it is about gear or lack of incentive to do PvP. At the same time the raiding community seems to be thriving and few would say we lack raiders. So what if raiders did PvP? Would that solve the issue? That is today's question.

I started an in-game PvP poll on the Horde side on the 20th november 2015. It is now the 28th and the poll is ending. Results are [here] and presented below. 
A typical answer. Albeit one that is quite motivating :) 
Out of the 149 Horde raiders to whom I sent a message with a short questionnaire, 58 answered (39%). All the players that answered considered themselves raiders (>1 raid per week for 4 consecutive weeks), 58/58 (100%). The most represented guild was <Friends> with 25/40 (62.5%) members answering, followed by <Slackers> with 16/31 (51.6%), then <Arcanite Circle> with 9/39 (23.1%) and finally <Onslaught> with 8/39 (20.5%).
A high EU representation and low NA. Perhaps because my guildmates know me a little they were more active in this poll.
Out of those 58 raiders a total of 54 answered the second question. 20 (37%) considered themselves raidloggers (logging on mostly for raids) and 34 (63%) didn't.
Most players answering the poll didn't consider themselves raidloggers. That is good because it means they maybe participate in other activities. But it may also be because players that are not raidloggers are more prone to answering polls because they login more frequently and check their messages.

Out of the 58 raiders 57 specified whether they participated in PvP (>1 battleground per week). 29 (51%) said yes and 28 (49%) said no. 17 of the 29 raiders that said they did battlegrounds went further and defined how many battlegrounds they did per week. The results ranged from 1-105, with a median of 10.
While many raiders do some PvP, they do a small amount of those.
Of the 58 raiders 55 answered the 5th question about current interest in doing more PvP. 45 (82%) said they wanted to do more PvP and 10 (18%) said they did not. The reasons are summed up in the graph below : 
Current barriers to PvP show more diversity than premades alone
The higher participation of <Friends> members may be due to the fact that I am in their guild. The lower participation of <Onslaught> members may be due to the fact I selected raiders from their guild doing a Molten Core run, during which many use alts instead of main characters. It is possible that such was also the case with <Arcanite Circle> members but I do not have information confirming this possibility. Many players answered "a couple", "many", "few" or such to the question about their battlegrounds per week and thus couldn't be considered. Admittedly the NA sample is quite small and may be harder to generalize.

There may have been some confusion with the second question (raidlogging mostly for raids) or mistakes made by the participants as two players answered yes but then also said they did battlegrounds in amounts greater than all other raiders did (105 and 70 BG per week respectively).

The current data shows that while a substantial portion of raiders raidlog (37%), the majority does not (63%). Half of the raiders (51%) already participate in organized battlegrounds, although they seem to do a small amount of those (10 BG median per week with population size = 17). A great majority of raiders are interested in doing more PvP (82%). The most frequent barriers involve premades (17%), lack of time and queue time (16%), other interests (14%), not enough players (9%), lack of gear (7%), not enough PvP at NA times (6%) and lack of diversity in BG and groups (6%). Interestingly 14% of the players said they did not encounter barriers preventing them from doing PvP.

Thus it can be said that a) raiders are interested in doing more PvP, b) raiders already participate in PvP in moderate amounts, c) many raiders can do PvP without issues, d) raiders in general do not raidlog and e) 7 main barriers prevent raiders from doing more PvP.

Future discussions should focus on bringing those barriers down with either community actions or moderator / gamemaster actions if the goal is to make the raiders do more PvP to solve the battleground shortcoming issue.

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