dimanche 9 avril 2017

Thinking about Kronos unknown long-term future

I have been wondering for some time about the Kronos vanilla server future. More specifically, what will happen to it in the long-term (months/years) when it will reach the last vanilla patch, with Naxxramas released?

From what I can remember, a large amount of players complained on Blizzard's servers when there were no patch or updates for a long time (with the caveat that patches were expected). Is this what will happen? Would players organize events or something to keep new things happening?

Are there going to be players so over-geared with best in slots items that premades will once again cause troubles in Battlegrounds? The difference between new and old players in PvP will be even greater than it has been before. What will happen if this is the case? Special queues for premades, just like Blizzard did with twink players that have decided to stop getting experience gains?

How about bind on equip items coming from high-level raids? The more players raid Naxxramas, AQ and BWL, the cheaper the epic items coming from those raids will become, as will epic crafted items. At some point, from a gear point of view, Molten Core or Ahn'Qiraj 20man can be skipped. Is this a problem for new players? Are we going to see a decline in people running some raids?

When players have the best items and mounts, what do they then spend their gold on? Are we going to see some players with so massive amounts of gold that they could get a monopoly over large parts of the Auction House? Will this raise prices to a large extent instead of seeing them go down?

With all those players with max-profession skills, will the price of Moonclothes, Transmutes and Refined Deeprock Salt go down due to large amounts of alt-moneymaking-machines?

Are PvE players going to quit once done with Naxxramas and all previous raids? Will they continue until all their characters have all possible best-in-slots? What will keep them motivated to run AQ40 again for the 40th time?

With all the PvP players already having a Warlord title, is it going to lose its prestige? Are PvP players going to lose interst in trying to get it? Will they keep doing PvP ? For how long?

Assuming Kronos continues to stand up among the constant chaotic activity of WoW private servers, I will certainly be very happy to follow how things go on. *Curiosity*

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