vendredi 1 janvier 2016

Short experiment : Do players level 6-15 know about the world channel?

While asking players for advices if they were starting out on Kronos and interviewing them I got quite a few that suggested joining the world channel to not feel alone, to find a guild and to make groups. This made me wonder, do low-level and starting players already know about this channel?
The world channel : A mix of players looking for others, dungeons, quests, guilds, recruiting, questions, selling items, and miscellaneous discussions.
To find out I whispered a hundred (n=100) different level 6-15 players on my alts (level 6 and 28, Alliance and Horde) with a standard message :
" Hello, do you know about the world channel? By typing /join world you can chat with many on the server and make groups/sell items/etc. "
 Here are the results :
  • 61 (61%) did not answer at all
  • 1 (1%) did not understand because he talked russian only
  • 1 (1%) answered but never specified if he knew about the world channel
  • 19 (19%) said they knew it already
  • 18 (18%) said they didn't know about it and discovered it with my whisper
This means that out of those that did specify whether they knew about it (n=37), about 50% did know and 50% did not. This feels like a low amount to me, but it is also a very low level and maybe they get to know about it at some point afterwards. Besides I am surprised by the very low amount of answers (only 39% for a question that can be answered by a yes/no), but this is very much in line with the answer rate I had got by using in-game mails with my PvP poll (also 39%). Also, my whisper might have needed a different wording to increase the chances of getting an answer.

Admittedly the world channel is not a perfect magic tool, some despise it, others love it. But it is a tool that can be of much use to new players and assuming we do have a great community (one of our selling points) then we should likely try to drive players on this channel. Maybe some actions could help make it more well-known among level 6-15 players, like a hint about it on the Kronos registering webpages or with systematic whispering by players.

Thinking of this, why wouldn't there be a channel for specific for dungeons or leveling on Kronos? Would that not work?

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