dimanche 10 avril 2016

Meeting the chinese classic World of Warcraft players

Seeing how players are interested in chinese players I decided to go to the other side, join their main channel and meet them to understand them a bit better. I thus whispered random players and asked them some questions. Here are my results.

Where are the players talking chinese from?
Hao : China, Nostalrius.
He : Nostalrius.
Hel : China.
Hiao : China.
S : Nostalrius.
L : Nostalrius.

Can you see what other english players write in english? (Most english players can't see chinese letters and words)
Hao : Yes.
He : Yes.
Hiao : Yes.
S : Yes
L : Yes

What is the best way to communicate together? What language should we use?
Hao : Simple english.

He : It is difficult to communicate together, maybe simple english. Or using translation tools like Google.

S : English. Many chinese players can talk english.

L : English is required.

What is the place for chinese discussions? Is there a channel for that?
Hao: Yes, the 中国 (china, written in chinese) channel. There are other channels, but they are more difficult to join with special words.

S : Join the china 中国 channel.

L : You can join the china 中国 channel.

What should we know about the players talking chinese?
Hao : They like to play undeads and orcs. It is very simple to join a private server like Kronos. We have a lot of friends and we keep helping eachother when there is a problem. We have a high latency here which is why we sometimes need to pay agents (proxy) to reduce the delay. Our latency is around 2000ms without agent, maybe 300ms with (and that's fairly good). Many chinese players want to play here, but some have bad habits (gold transactions & character selling). Chinese players don't talk a very good english.

L : You can consider us and treat us as foreigners, some of us are really bad, others aren't. Just like anywhere. I think we are the same. Let's try to have fun together.

V : Some of them are kind, others not so much.

Ho : Many of us love this game a lot, but there are always players that go and destroy what others create. The pressures of life force many to rely on this game for a living. I don't like that but I can't control others. We have chinese forums about Nostalrius and Kronos. We can access the Kronos forums but for that we need special software which is inconvenient and costs money. A lot of us are waiting for the Nostalrius server to come back to get their characters and progress.

What is difficult for chinese players on this server? Do they have problems?
L : I am good now, I don't know much about others.

Are there other private servers for chinese players?
Hao : Yes, but they are of bad quality. They have fast loading but they open the server, sell items for money and then close. Sometime later they open a new one.

V : Maybe some servers with fast 1-60 leveling, many like those.

Ho : There are a lot of other servers. I came on this one because my friends told me about it. We tried it and found it was good, close to the original. Our servers aren't very good, they crash very fast. We had a chinese server similar to Nostalrius but it got shut down.

Is there something you fear or don't want to happen?
Ho : I hope not too many players come on this server and it lasts for a lot of time, as we have a saying in china that says "Too big trees get blown down easily". I don't want this server to end or to get repeatedly killed because of my guild and I hope my comrades don't affect the server too much.

Is there something you would like to discuss or know about the server?
Ho : I think the community is good on this server and the GMs are very active. I appreciate to see that some try to communicate with us.

Hao : I prefer this Warcraft over the others, you can know people.

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