samedi 13 août 2016

13 August 2016 - Kronos WoW opens the Silithus doors

A random poppup message on Facebook informed me today that the Ahn'Qiraj doors were finally OPEN! Which means I rushed on my char to see things by myself, I've missed this occasion once, not gonna miss it again. I am so happy this is finally over considering how long it took. From what I understand a slight delay happened due to Fireblooms not being possible to give to the War Effort right near the end. Anyway, we're there!

Unfortunately I had to come all the way from Orgrimmar and the gong had already been hit by the time I arrived in Silithus. A nice crystal welcomed me near the flightmaster and also my friend lag, which was all over the place, but still very much playable. Interestingly two of the people I interviewed in the past were there, A* and Pussochkram, I like to see people that have stayed for so long.

I ran to the gates and noticed Alliance players running all over the place, with a couple Horde, crafty anubisath and silithids playing around, which basically killed everyone in rampage mode, I did not see a single one get tanked correctly by a group and I couldn't access the gong as the Alliance was camping it. Apparently some guys got to hit and kill the colossus from the hives as I could get all those quests from Cenarion Hold. Free loot :D (or bug, perhaps)

Interestingly there were Qiraj destroyers and anubisath spawning past the Ahn'Qiraj gates that stayed in evade mode (you could go through them and not get aggro) until they had made a full group and rushed to attack Silithus. I wanted to go into the Ruins but it told me that it was currently closed (isn't it supposed to be open now?). I didn't see Roman'khan, Setis & General Pax-lish anywhere.

Black Qiraj Battle Tank owners from what I could see :
  • Worstworrier (Eclipse, Alliance)
  • Swagkhalifa (Friends, Horde)
  • Khano (Onslaught, Horde)
  • Bagdemagus (Friends, Horde)
  • Jellyschool (Onslaught, Horde)

And likely a lot more.

I decided to log on my alt and look for low level crystals, found a single one in the Crossroads, but it wasn't spawning anything. No silithids, no minor annubisaths. I didn't see the crystals that should spawn silithids in Silithus (see this, I had noticed those on my Vanilla WoW video depository) either. Maybe a realm restart is needed, hopefuly it doesn't reduce the duration of this world-event as one of the goals of those silithids is to bring great loot to everyone! That crystal only mind-controled some level 18 guy and got him killed. Now that was unexpected to me ^^.

I couldn't see the expected crystals south of Gadgetzan either so maybe spawns are missing, spawning randomly or should only spawn after some time, I don't know. My understanding from videos was that all crystals spawned at once in the world.

Now, I did notice a qiraj spawn crystal (level 30-40) in the Thousand Needles, so I went there. Captains and anubisath had great rare and uncommon loot rate (about one uncommon and rare per kill), as expected but were missing their money. Scarabs (trash) respawned roughly every minute and hit for 100, Captains every 10 minutes or so and hit for 200, Anubisath respawned after 15-20 minutes, hit for 350, all were crowd-controllable. I don't recommend trying to solo them at their level and alone, they do hit for a bit. Mainly melee damage, with a couple abilities (charge, slow, stun, resistances). Farming them at level 60 could be interesting for some little money but prices will likely fall with all those crystal spawns. This got me roughly 25 uncommon level 30+ items and 7 rares in 30 minutes of solo as a level 60 warlock. Rare items are pretty much always the same unfortunately (small pool, roughly 10 rare items per qiraj).

Okay, apparently it is much easier to find those farming spots by using the Twinhead database and looking for their spawns, like this. Do I always have to break the fun with logic? At least not all the spawns are up yet.

*Quick edit 14.08.2016 : C'thun killed by 3 alliance guilds already (Synced, Risen, Vanguard) on the day the raid was opened, congratulations to them all!

Unrelated : Black lotus now 88-100 gold? Interesting price increase...
Unrelated 2 : Goldsellers are now advertising with rebus? Wut?

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  1. Perhaps this isn't the place to ask but here goes.
    Noticed you can see Chinese characters while still using what looks like the English client. I was able to do that on Nostalrius some while ago after many attempts at making it work. I have since forgotten how i did it. On Kronos I only manage to write the characters in my own chatbox but they disappear when i press enter. Managed to join the 中国 channel though but that's all. 
    drat now i messed up something else. 

    I did install some form of font earlier when I played on Nost and I suppose that is why I can at least see characters that I write out (as long as I don't send the message) but how come I cant see them later on?

    I also have to run the exe file as Chinese locale to be able to see even that much. If I'm not doing that characters turn into questionmarks inside my chatbox.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I guess that's an okay place for this kind of question. Ty for asking :)

      I am indeed playing with the english client, run as usual in EN mode and I'm able to see chinese letters with it (previously I could also type and copy chinese text). Unfortunately, my experience is quite similar to yours, I tried lots of things and one of them worked but I'm not sure which.

      Through a process of elimination I can tell you the following :

      Without a special Fonts folder in the WoW directory with arialn.ttf, ARKai_C.ttf and bHEI01B.ttf I don't see chinese letters at all in-game.

      Without adding the chinese language to my Language options in the control panel and switching my keyboard to it when writing in chinese I can't type chinese.

      Without setting my whole computer to chinese (control panel, advanced parameters & regional settings), I think I can't send real chinese letter imputs to the game (= actually send messages in chinese). Emphasis on "think", I'm not going to try changing everything again.

      Hopefuly this is helpful to you. Good luck joining the meta-players!

    2. By the way I also have a chinese client fully chinese that I used to test my translator addon. Perhaps it's an easiest workaround.

  2. Thanks for responding so soon.

    It appears that I can in fact both see and write characters after all (hurrah!). Curiously it only works in chat channels such as 中国 or other custom ones. It also works in party chat and the like but not in whisper or say.

    Might it be some form of server restriction or can it be that Id need another font file with another name (so far as I remember its only supposed to be one that affects chat channels but im not sure)?

    Anyway thanks for the help and for writing down all the steps required. Can serve as a good reminder on what to do if ever i forget again.

    1. Grats on making it work! I also believe a single font is used for chat channels, I don't think you need a new one.

      I did a couple tests out of curiosity. I couldn't send chinese only messages in SAY with both a level 1 and 60, so I guess there are indeed language restrictions on K1 with SAY. I could whisper a level 1 player from my level 1 with chinese-only WHISPERs and could talk chinese only in PARTY as well. Maybe it is also level specific or depends on the receiver/sender level, perhaps also zone-specific if someone bothers to test further.

    2. After further testing is seems as if whispering works wonderfully, as long as you do not do it by typing "/w *name*".
      It does work if you do it with "/r" and if you press the whisper button in your friend list or right click or most other ways.
      There also doesn't seem to be any level restriction.

    3. Thank you for those additional tests! Perhaps the SAY restrictions were put in place to prevent goldseller spam, as with all the requirements to talk on world and cities.